Wood pellets

About wood pellets

The wood pellets are manufactured from wood fiber, such as sawdust, shavings or wood chips without bark, any additives such as glue, paint, preservatives or binders.

Raw material used for producing Ultralam pellets is a by-product obtained from the main Ultralam LVL production. During Ultralam LVL manufacture, wood logs are subjected to debarking and conditioning processes required for veneer peeling. The conditioning results in darkening of the upper wood layers which is the reason behind the dark color of Ultralam pellets. However, all the performance characteristics of our pellets are as good as those of visually white ones.

Product characteristics: diameter 6 mm, length 10-14 mm, raw material 100% softwood – spruce and pine. We are ENplus A1 and SBP certified.


1. Very low ash content.

2. Consistently high calorific value.

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