Laminated veneer lumber (LVL)

About LVL

Ultralam™ production implements state-of-the-art technology – continuous pressing with microwave preheating which improves bonding quality and gives new, uniform, high strength material. Another advantage of this technology is the possibility to produce LVL billets of any length. Coniferous wood species are used for Ultralam™ production.

Annual capacity of Ultralam™ plant is 150 000 m3 and could be boosted up to 250 000 m3. The plant boasts unique 60 meters press designed by Dieffenbacher for continuous LVL production. This means unlimited length of LVL beams that are cut depending on the demands of our customers and transport conditions. Main contractors are: Evergreen Engineering, USA LVL equipment design and engineering. Evergreen Engineering has been involved in construction of similar plants in North America.

As for Dieffenbacher, Germany this company supplies continuous presses. 60 m press has been specially designed by Dieffenbacher for Taleon Terra now boasting the longest press in the world. German equipment is characterized by high capacity and reliability. COE, USA is the supplier of veneer peeling line. CTC, USA lay-up and billet processing lines, SGS, Austria equipment installation.

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